Kidney Cancer Awareness

There are many types of cancer, some more well known than others. Because awareness and control are directly related, this article will discuss kidney cancer, one of the lesser known cancers, in conjunction with cancer control month. Though kidney cancer only accounts for about 2 percent of all cancers, it is still important to be

Cancer Awareness: Testis Cancer and Penile Cancer

As a society, we are seemingly more aware of some types of cancers than others. Though virtually everyone knows about the pink ribbon for breast cancer, many of us are not aware of the other, less common types of cancers. Testis and penile cancer are less common types of cancers, but we still need to

National Cancer Control & Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is an important month for our health as it is recognized as Testicular Cancer Awareness month. In addition, last year President Obama proclaimed April as the National Cancer Control Month. “Control” and “awareness” are two key words when it comes to the fight against cancer. Here are some of the risk factors that you

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Meet Our Urology Specialists

Urology Specialists of the Carolinas has 16 expert Urologists ready to serve you. To celebrate National Doctors Day, this article features our doctors, and shares information about each of their educations and specialties: Zane K. Basrawala, MD: Dr. Basrawala graduated from medical school at UNC School of Medicine. His specialities include laparoscopy, cancer, minimally invasive,