How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

You don’t have to be trying to conceive a child to want to increase your sperm count. High sperm count is a sign that your hormones are normal and your body is healthy. Increasing your sperm count is easier than you think and involves natural methods. How can you increase your sperm count?

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Men who have a healthy diet of lots of vegetables, fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, and healthy fats like nuts and seeds tend to have a high sperm count. Zinc and folic acid are very important vitamins for sexual health and fertility for both men and women. Zinc is an important component of sperm, and every time you ejaculate, you’re losing several milligrams of zinc. Foods high in zinc include pumpkin seeds, spinach, garlic, and egg yolks. Exercise is also vital for your sperm count—research has shown that staying at a healthy weight keeps your sperm healthy. Exercise also increases circulation, which will help with sperm count and mobility. Exercise helps increase your sex drive, keep your blood pressure down, and enhance your overall wellness, therefore keeping your sperm and your body healthy.

Use Protection

Certain sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can hinder your sperm count. They do this by altering the DNA of the sperm to be misshapen, therefore making them slower and less populous. The best defense against sexually transmitted infections is protection, so use condoms when having intercourse with multiple partners or a partner who is infected. Protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections will keep your sperm count healthy and help prevent infections that could damage your sperm. If you already have a sexually transmitted infection, make sure you’re getting treatment if necessary and still use protection to protect yourself against other infections. 

Avoid Toxins

This seems simple, but consider the toxins that plague our daily environment. Pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, or alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs can all affect your sperm count. Pesticides, even common home lawn pesticides, are not good for your health and damage your sperm count. Stick to natural cleaning products and lawn treatments to protect your sperm. If you are exposed to certain chemicals at your job, use every precaution possible such as gloves, masks, and body suits. Minimize your intake of alcohol: as little as two drinks a day can hinder your sperm count. Smoking, whether it be cigarettes or marijuana, can also damage your sperm count. To increase your sperm count, quit smoking altogether and avoid toxins as much as possible.

Avoid Heat

Practice daily precautions to help keep your scrotum’s temperature regulated. Your testicles are outside your body for a reason: they can’t stand the heat of your inner body. Respect this and avoid getting them overheated. Great practices for keeping your scrotum cool include:

  • Minimizing sitting time. If you’re at the office, take a break and walk around. Sitting increases heat in your groin area.
  • Avoid frequent baths or hot tubs. This excessive heat can damage your sperm and lower your sperm count over time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Tight clothing, especially tight underwear, increases heat to your scrotum area. If possible, wear boxers instead of boxer briefs, and avoid tight pants.
  • Watch out for laptops. Laptops can generate a lot of heat that can affect your sperm count over time. Try to always have your laptop on a desk or counter, and if this isn’t possible, use a device such as a laptop holder to get the computer off your lap.

Increasing your sperm count isn’t difficult, and many of these ways to increase your sperm count can help you maintain overall wellness—such as eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding toxins—in addition to a healthy sperm count. Visit your doctor if you have concerns about your sperm count; he or she can help you figure out if there’s an underlying problem and discuss solutions with you.