Blood in the Urine is a condition also known as hematuria. For the most part this isn’t as dire as it may seem. The condition happens for reasons that are usually fairly benign.

It is true, however, that sometimes blood in the urine can mean that you have a major problem. You aren’t going to know until you go visit a doctor. This is something that you should definitely do no matter what, even if you aren’t experiencing any other symptoms.

What Causes Blood in the Urine

Blood in the urine can be caused by a variety of different conditions. You can’t really treat the symptom directly because it’s a symptom of a larger cause. Treating the larger cause is what will get rid of the symptom. Here are a few examples of where bloody urine can come from.

Sometimes bloody urine comes from the kidneys. Other times it can come from the urinary tract. If you have a urinary tract infection in your bladder, or infection in your kidneys, then this could cause bloody urine.

Kidney stones can also sometimes cause bloody urine as well. If you have kidney stones, then a urologist can sometimes shatter them using a sonic device. Once the kidney stones are shattered into smaller pieces, you will pass them and the bloody urine will go away. If you have an infection then the urologist will have to treat this infection, often through medication.


The important thing to look out for is whether you have any other symptoms. If you have a bladder infection you will also have pain when you urinate. You might also get a fever, have irritability and have trouble eating. Kidney infections will also give you a fever, or chills or pain in your lower back. Kidney stones will cause pain in your abdomen and pelvis areas.

Sometimes a disease of the kidneys can cause bloody urine as well. If this is the case you might have high blood pressure and swelling. Your eyes might also become puffy.

Something as simple as exercising too much can cause bloody urine. If this is the cause, then your urologist will determine it and just advice you to take it easy for a while. The condition will clear up on its own. Sometimes you can injure your kidneys during exercise as well.

In this case, the urologist will probably refer you to a different specialist. Sometimes an enlarged prostate can also be the cause of the problem. Fixing this can happen in various different ways including something simple like changing your everyday habits.

It’s also possible that you are just mistaken about the blood in your urine being blood. It could be red pigment from foods such as something that has red food coloring in it, or something that just happens to be extremely red like beets.

For all of these reasons it’s important to go and get checked out. The problem could be entirely benign and you may be worrying yourself for no reason.