Prostate cancer is one of the common cancers affecting people. Just like other cancers, it can be treated successfully although treatment needs to be started early enough. There are several treatment options that can be employed to treat the disease. Below is a clear guideline of some of them.

Radiation Therapy

The use of radiation therapy is common in treating prostate cancer. Under this technique, high powered energy is used to kill cancerous cells. The technique can be employed from both within or outside the body. Outside deployment involves directing an external beam to your prostate cancer from a machine that moves around your body. You can also opt for placement of small radioactive seeds in your prostate tissue. These seeds release low dose radiation that can cure the cancer. Despite its effectiveness, radiation therapy has a few side effects like pain during urination and loose stool.

Hormone Therapy

The spread of prostate cancer is usually facilitated by testosterone. Hormone therapy helps in fighting this cancer by cutting off the supply of this hormone which causes the cancerous cells to die on their own. It can be carried out in three main ways. You can take medication that obstructs the production testosterone. Alternatively, you can have your testicles surgically removed. This method of eliminating testosterone may be expensive, but it is quicker than medication. Lastly, you can also take medication that stops the testosterone produced from reaching the cancerous cells. Such kind of medication is known as anti-androgens and can also be effective in killing the cancerous cells. Just like other treatment options, hormone therapy has its side effects such as weight loss, reduced sex drive and hot flashes.

Prostate Surgery

Removing the prostate gland, surrounding tissues and some lymph nodes is also key in fighting prostate cancer. The surgeon can employ a number of techniques in achieving this although many of them make a small incision on your abdomen and the affected parts removed. Technological advancements in medicine have also made it possible for surgeons to use small robots to assist in the operation. This is referred to as robotic laparoscopic surgery. The type of surgery used depends on your preferences although the surgeon is also best placed to recommend one for you.


This is the universally known treatment option for all cancers, including prostate cancer. It involves administration of drugs to kill cancerous cells and can be administered as an injection in your arm or as a pill. This technique is effective for prostate cancer that has spread to other body parts. It can also be an option where hormone therapy has failed.


This is basically freezing of the prostate tissue in order to kill cancer cells. It involves driving small needles into the prostate region which are then filled with a very cold gas that freezes the area. After a few minutes, another warmer gas is used to thaw the frozen area. This repeated freezing and thawing can kill the cancer cells.

The cancer treatment option that you choose is dependent on several factors. However, your doctor can always have the last say depending on the severity of the disease.