How To Cope With A Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

One Day At A Time: Learning To Cope With A Bladder Cancer Diagnosis There’s no way to explain the emotions someone experiences when they discover they have cancer. Feelings of fear, anger, sadness and more seem to rush in all at once—to say it’s overwhelming would be an understatement. If you or a loved one

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The Surprising Link Between Bladder Cancer and Smoking

Although tobacco has been a common link to cancer, it might surprise you that smoking is actually the single biggest risk factor for bladder cancer!

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12 Things Your Urologist Treats

What exactly does a urologist treat? A urologist is a specialist who treats diseases or disorders of the male and female urinary tract as well as the male reproductive system. The organs included in this field are the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, bladder, and urethra, as well as the male testes, prostate and penis. Here is a general idea of the types of diseases and disorders that a urologist treats:

Symptoms & Treatments for Bladder Cancer

Everything You Need To Know About Bladder Cancer Studies have shown that 9% to 18% of normal individuals can have some degree of blood in the urine or what doctors call hematuria. Sometimes blood in your urine is an indicator of something quickly treatable like a urinary tract infection or as a result of an

Bladder Cancer Awareness

Though all cancer starts with abnormal cell growth, there are many types of cancer, each claiming a different organ as its starting point. With each type of cancer there are different risk factors, symptoms, and growth tendencies. Bladder Cancer is the 6th most common type of cancer in the United States. As a part of

Signs of Bladder Cancer

Under normal circumstances, you probably don’t give bladder function much thought. Urine is produced in the kidneys, then stored in the bladder. When the storage space gets full, then it’s “time to go.” The empty bladder refills, and the process repeats multiple times every day throughout your lifetime. However, though you may not think about

Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

There has been a steady increase in bladder cancer over the past few decades and it is currently the sixth most common form of cancer diagnosed in the United States. Treatment and survival rates have, thankfully, been increasing steadily as well. Due to its prevalence, however, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common