A Spotlight on Men’s Health for Men’s Health Month

  A Spotlight on Men's Health for Men's Health Month Guys, June is all about you. It’s Men’s Health Month! The goal of Men’s Health Month is to shed light on preventable health problems and encourage the early detection and treatment of disease and injury.   Health awareness groups all over the country hold screenings,

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4 Reasons to Encourage Dad to Visit the Urologist

It’s probably not something you wanted to bring up at dinner with your dad on Father’s Day, but find time to encourage Dad to visit his urologist this Men’s Health Month. Visiting the urologist, especially as we age, can tell us so many things about our bodies, and even help detect and prevent different ailments. Read on to find out some great reasons to encourage Dad to visit the urologist.

Top 5 Health Problems for Men in Their 50s

Changes with your body don’t stop as soon as you’re fully grown: our bodies are changing as we age too, and not just our physical appearance. If you’re a man in your 50s and you consider yourself to be in good health, take a look at these top five health problems for men in their 50s—they may surprise you and encourage you to better care for your health.

Top 5 Health Problems for Men in Their 30s

Your health should be a priority before you hit the big 3-0, but this is when some common and more serious health ailments come into play. You may think you’re too young to be worrying about health problems yet, but you should consider thinking further about these top 5 health problems and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Celebrating Men’s Health Month—Going on All June!

Men’s Health Month was founded by Men’s Health Network (MHN), a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wellness of men. MHN was started in 1992 by a group of men’s activists interested in improving health. Men’s Health Month has been an ongoing tradition since 1994, and every June since then people have advocated for men’s health. But how and why?

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