Urology Specialists of the Carolinas: Local Host Sponsor for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Race

two men at Zero walk/run

ZERO is an organization with a mission to end prostate cancer. In 2007, ZERO organized what would become an annual, nationwide run/walk event. This brought together patients, survivors, family members, friends, medical professionals, and athletes. All with the common goal to save lives and keep families together.

Every year since, ZERO has teamed up with premier urology practices and non-profits in different cities around the country to host this family-friendly run/walk. The event helps to raise significant funding and awareness, build local prostate cancer communities, and end prostate cancer altogether.

This year, we are honored to be the host sponsor for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Charlotte, NC area event. We sat down with ZERO’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter Director, Shawn Supers, to get talk about the event itself. He gives us the inside scoop on our sponsorship, and how the event will impact the future of Prostate Cancer.

Our Q&A Session with Shawn Supers, ZERO’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter Director


What are the goals for the Charlotte ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk?

The ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Charlotte is a family-friendly community event that brings together local survivors, patients, families, friends and many in the community to raise funds and share hope and passion. It gives attendees the opportunity to connect with others who are impacted by prostate cancer.

The fundraising goal for this year’s Charlotte event is $100,000. The funds raised are invested around the country to provide research for new treatments, free prostate cancer testing, and educate men and families about prostate cancer.

It should be noted that as of September 10, 2018, the Charlotte 2018 ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk goal has been met, and $100,673 has been raised for the cause.

How did the Urology Specialist of the Carolinas become involved with ZERO and their Charlotte, NC Prostate Cancer Run/Walk event?

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walks happen in 40+ cities across the country. The local representative of our Premiere National Sponsor Abbvie, Jon Stokes, invited USOC to learn more about hosting a ZERO Run/Walk and the impact that the race makes in the local community. We met in early 2018 and Dr. Watson and the team at USOC eagerly committed to bringing the only men’s health race series in the country to the Queen City!

The Urology Specialists of the Carolinas know the importance of spreading awareness with regards to men’s health, especially prostate cancer.  

Why is the Urology Specialists of the Carolinas’ sponsorship of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk so important?

We’re thrilled to partner with Urology Specialists of the Carolinas’ to bring ZERO’s national Run/Walk series to Charlotte. Their dedication and hard work to put this event on is so important to the local community–it gives each and every person who attends the opportunity to connect with others impacted by the disease, which is invaluable.

This partnership is a great way to both give back to the people in the community and to raise funds for a disease that will affect more than 5,500 men in North Carolina this year.

How can those interested in the cause get involved either in this event or somewhere else within the organization?

Those wishing to get involved with this event can visit www.zeroprostatecancerrun.org/charlotte to register for the event on September 15th. It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to bring the family out for the 5k, 1-mile, and/or Kids Dash.

Anyone who wants to support the race but isn’t in town to attend can fundraise or support with Snooze For Dudes.

If you want to get involved with ZERO, visit www.zerocancer.org! You can host an awareness table at a local health fair, sign up for advocacy alerts to learn when your voice is needed to fight for prostate cancer research funding, become a social media ambassador, fundraise on Facebook or by hosting your own event, and much more!

What are you hoping comes from The Urology Specialist of The Carolinas’ sponsorship of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk and cause?

Simply put: we hope to save lives. The ZERO Run/Walk brings attention to a disease that affects one in nine men, helps educate the community on prostate cancer risks and offers local resources to those who need it, and of course, the race raises funds that fuel our patient support and advocacy programs. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the support and partnership of USOC!

We’re so grateful that Shawn was able to take the time to answer questions about ZERO as an organization and the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Charlotte event.

If you have questions regarding the organization or event, check out the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Charlotte website. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on September 15th for what is sure to be a beautiful day of raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause.   

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