If you’re experiencing a low sex drive (LSD), you don’t have to live with it. Finding out the causes of your female low sex drive can help you find a solution. While female desire is made up of many factors, you can look at your biological reasons as well as your life factors that could be influencing your lack of interest in sex. Once you figure out the things that could be playing into your female low sex drive, you can consider treatments. What are the treatments for female low sex drive?

 Ways to Treat Low Female Sex Drive


Counseling can be very beneficial for females experiencing a low sex drive. Talking with a therapist or a sex therapist can help you uncover some reasons you may not want to be involved with your partner sexually or self-stimulate. If you and your partner are experiencing relationship or sexual problems that could be contributing to your low sex drive, you may consider couple’s counseling or seeing a sex therapist together to discuss your issues and what you can do about them. Counseling can provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for both women and men to express themselves and explore the underlying causes of their low sex drive. Consider counseling if you’ve ruled out medical, hormonal, and other problems that could be causing your female low sex drive.


Adjusting Medication

Some women are on medication for temporary or chronic health conditions that could be affecting their female low sex drive. Depression medications and anti-seizure or anxiety medication could be hindering your sex drive. While these medications are necessary, you do have options, and you can talk with your doctor about adjusting your medication or even trying a different medication that would help you gain some of your sex drive back. For other health conditions that are ongoing like chronic pain or arthritis, this may be harder to navigate around, but nonetheless you can explore options with your doctor as far as medications go or see a counselor to discuss any feelings you have around your sex drive and other factors that may be causing it.


Hormone Therapy

Estrogen and testosterone play roles when it comes to your sexual desire, and lack of these hormones or fluctuations in them may be causing your female low sex drive. While women have a small amount of testosterone, treating women with female low sex drive with testosterone has been controversial due to different side effects and the role of testosterone in the female body. Talk with your doctor about different hormone therapy options out there. Estrogen can be delivered in various forms and can help you regain your interest in sex, and may help other areas of your health as well. Be sure to be tested for hormone imbalances before considering any form of hormone therapy to ensure your treatment will be the best for you.


Diet and Exercise

Take a look at your diet and exercise habits as a treatment for your female low sex drive. Are you exercising at least three days a week, preferably every day? Are you eating nutritious whole foods that benefit your body? If you don’t exercise at all, this could be contributing to your low sex drive. Exercise can increase circulation and therefore help libido also. Eating processed, sugary foods can affect our blood pressure, stamina, and moods. Eating whole grains, getting enough essential fats, and eating plenty of organic fruits and veggies can help you increase your sex drive. When your body is able to function well, you’ll be able to enjoy sex and an increased interest in it. A proper diet and exercise routine can help your entire body and therefore many other aspects of your health—isn’t it worth doing?


A female low sex drive can be detrimental to a relationship, hindering to your self-esteem, and affect other areas of your life. Don’t live with having a low sex drive—talk with your doctor about what could be causing your low sex drive, and what you can do about it. You have options and can have a healthy sexual life well into old age.