Men’s Health: 3 Causes of Prostatitis

The Risk Factors and Causes of Prostatitis There’s no denying it — prostatitis is uncomfortable. The pain, frequent urination and flu-like symptoms associated with prostatitis make it almost unbearable at times. The worst part? Trying to figure out why you are living with prostatitis in the first place.  Prostatitis is a non-cancerous condition in which

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Top 5 Treatments for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common condition that can affect men of all ages. It involves inflammation of the prostate and can be asymptomatic, although many men will experience symptoms such as frequent or painful urination. Scheduling an appointment with your urologist if you have any symptoms is vital, as acute bacterial type of prostatitis can be

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What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is usually an infection of the prostate that leads to inflammation. However, inflammation of the prostate can also occur with no sign of an infection. Prostatitis is common and can affect men of all ages. Let’s learn some more about prostatitis and how it affects your urinary health. Causes and Symptoms It is not

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4 Types of Prostatitis

Types of Prostatitis Prostatitis is, quite simply, inflammation of the prostate. This inflammation may point to an infection of the prostate, but this is not always the case. The causes of prostatitis are not quite known and some of the four subtypes of prostatitis can be difficult to diagnose. Prostatitis is not prostate cancer and

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Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for Prostatitis

What Is Prostatitis? Prostatitis is the medical term for prostate infection. With this condition, the prostate and surrounding area becomes inflamed. Though some men feel severe, painful symptoms while others are barely bothered or even symptom free, prostatitis can have a negative impact on a man’s quality of life and should be treated. There are

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